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Cargill Customer Service in Pinghu, China


The Customer Service will execute a limited scale of customer service activities for our single-site team. In this role you will provide clerical or administrative tasks to help optimize processing complex orders from customers and resolving order or delivery issues.

Customer Service 将为我们的单站点团队执行有限规模的客户服务活动。在此角色中,您将提供文书或管理任务,以帮助优化处理来自客户的复杂订单并解决订单或交货问题。


  • Perform complex administrative or clerical tasks in support of improvement projects and commitments requiring a basicunderstanding of customer service practices and procedures.

  • Participate in executing customer service strategies.

  • Inform customers about order status, invoices and other standard information needed to complete the sale.

  • Provide administrative and clerical support to maintaining and updating tools or systems and relationships that supports accurate customer demand forecast, as well as other databases related to shipments and inventory management.

  • Handle complex clerical, administrative, technical or customer support issues under minimal supervision, while escalating only the most complex issues to appropriate staff.

  • Other duties as assigned

  • 执行复杂的行政或文书工作任务,以支持需要改进项目和承诺,这些项目和承诺需要基本了解客户服务做法和程序。

  • 参与执行客户服务策略。

  • 告知客户完成销售所需的订单状态、发票和其他标准信息。

  • 为维护和更新支持准确客户需求预测的工具或系统和关系,以及与发货和库存管理相关的其他数据库提供行政和文书支持。

  • 在最低限度的监督下处理复杂的文书、行政、技术或客户支持问题,同时仅将最复杂的问题上报给适当的员工。

  • 分配的其他职责


  • High school diploma, secondary education level or equivalent

  • Minimum of four years of related work experience

  • Other minimum qualifications may apply

  • 高中文凭、中等教育程度或同等学历

  • 至少四年相关工作经验

  • 其他最低资格可能适用


  • Bachelor Degree and above

  • CET-4

  • 本科或者同等学历

  • 英语四级

Equal Opportunity Employer, including Disability/Vet.

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