Cargill Safety Engineer in Chuzhou, China

Safety Engineer

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Position Purpose & Summary职位设置目的&概要:


Since the beginning of this financial year, the Department has adjusted the management of fire control systems in factories, and the EHS team is responsible for the unified ownership. It is hoped that on the existing basis, the management level of fire control systems in the Department will be gradually upgraded to meet the regulatory requirements. In order to meet the new business needs, the position needs to have a solid fire prevention knowledge, through the management of external suppliers to ensure the normal work of the fire protection system, while regularly training staff to cultivate fire awareness.

Principal Accountabilities主要职责:

1. 35% 承包商管理:

Vendor Management:

  • 根据要求,督促维保单位按照法规和公司要求,完成对各工厂消防系统的维保工作,根据承包商提供的报告定期去现场进行抽查,确保各工厂的火灾自动报警及联动控制系统、自动喷淋系统、防排烟系统、消火栓系统等保持正常工作状态。

To supervise and urge maintenance units to complete the maintenance of fire protection systems in plants in accordance with regulations and company requirements, and to conduct spot checks periodically according to reports provided by vendors to ensure the maintenance of automatic fire alarm and linkage control systems, automatic sprinkler systems, smoke control and exhaust systems and hydrant systems in plants in normal working condition.

  • 系统出现异常时,需和FM Global(保险及消防咨询公司)保持联系,同时督促维保单位按要求及时修复。

If the system is abnormal, keep in touch with FM Global (Insurance and Fire Services Consulting Company) and urge maintenance units to repair the system as required.

2. 25% ERT小组管理:

ERT Group Management:

  • 负责事业部应急反应小组(ERT)的建设和管理,包括微型消防站,确保应急器材即时可用,应急小组成员能迅速、有效做出各类应急响应。

Responsible for the construction and management of the Department's Emergency Response Team (ERT), including miniature fire stations, to ensure the immediate availability of emergency equipment and the rapid and effective response of emergency team members.

3. 20% 员工培训: 根据事业部需要,建立培训计划和方案,组织对员工进行消防方面的培训、教育及演习。

Staff training: according to the needs of the department, establish training plans and programs, organize staff training, education and fire drills.

4. 10% 根据事业部需要,处理其他与EHS相关的事务,如:与相应的政府主管部门进行沟通等。

Deal with other EHS related affairs according to the needs of the department, such as communicating with the relevant government departments.

5. 10% 建立并完善事业部的消防档案,根据实际情况对相关的文档进行更新,如:应急预案等。

Establish and improve the fire fighting files of the department, update the relevant documents according to the actual situation, such as: emergency plans.


Education, Experience, Skills教育背景,工作经验,专业技能:

1. Minimum Required Qualifications最低要求

  • 要求本科以上学历,有5年以上消防安全或消防设施管理工作经验。

Bachelor degree or above, more than 5 years experience in fire safety or fire fighting facilities management.

  • 熟悉和了解国内相关的消防法规,如《消防法》、《建筑设计防火规范》等。

Familiar with and understand the relevant fire laws and regulations in China, such as Fire Protection Law and Code for Fire Protection in Architectural Design.

  • 熟悉和了解美国国家防火协会(NFPA)的相关标准,了解FM Global的相关标准和工作流程。

Familiar with and understand the relevant standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the relevant standards and workflow of FM Global.

  • 能熟练使用Word、Excel、PowerPoint等办公软件。

Able to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other office software skillfully.

  • 工作踏实、认真,爱岗敬业。

Work hard, earnest and conscientious.

  • 良好的沟通协调能力。

Good communication and coordination skills.

2. Preferred Qualifications更合适的要求

  • 国家注册消防工程师

National registered fire Engineer

Job Safety/Environmental Health

Primary Location China-34-Chuzhou

Schedule Full-time

Job Type Standard

Shift Day Job

Req ID: CHU00125